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Acknowledgements: Event contributors: Jamie Wyld (videoclub), Rachael House (Space Station Sixty-Five), Gill Addison (artist/author). Photos: George Bularca, Courtesy of the artists.

Link to exhibition publication here.

Link to Bermondsey Project Space exhibition archive here.

The Portals Project

Installation view of

Part One: El Umbral - The Threshold, at Bermondsey Project Space 2022

Curators/artists: Helena Goldwater, Lucía Imaz King, Wayne Lucas, and Simon Vincenzi.


An exhibition including works in performance, painting, drawing, embroidered sculpture, and video artworks. The works established thresholds for visitors to engage with; unbounded spaces, fantastic holes, precarious caves - sites of uncertainty, displacement and risk. Thresholds, whether in fiction or in architecture, invite us to leave a space behind in order to enter another; to decide to cross into a different world, one that may initially seem impenetrable but that opens up with time. The invitation to pass through these portals offered intentionally unsettling choices. The exhibition’s spatial interventions laid down a condition for those wishing to participate in the exhibition: the need to slow down and attend to the connections between works, becoming apparent incrementally.  The sequel to The Portals Project, Part 2 (in planning) develops the portals theme, exploring what may be encountered on the other side.

13 Helena with Painting.jpg

Studio shots: Painting series 2021-2023

Devoted, 2021, Studio view 

03 Articulated_edited.jpg

Articulated, 2021, 110 x 185cm

Succour- 2023.jpg

Succour, 2023, 110 x 189cm

Breathing space, 2023, 110 x 189cm

02 Standing (with the past)_edited.jpg

Standing with the past, 2021, 110 x 160cm

Cloaked, 2023, 110 x 189cm

05 The Shallows_edited.jpg

The Shallows, 2021, 110 x 185cm

Wayfaring, 2023, 110 x 189cm

01 Futures_edited.jpg

Futures, 2021, 110 x 135cm

Tracery, 2023, 110 x 189cm

06 The Why and the Who_edited.jpg

The why and the who, 2022, 110 x 185cm

The Bay (Aerial), 2023, 110 x 189cm

Cryptogram, 2023, 110 x 189cm

Curly brackets 1 and 2 (Diptych), 2023, each 110 x 189cm

10 Dactyloscopy.jpg

Dactyloscopy, 2021, 210 x 110cm

04 Mixed Messages_edited.jpg

Mixed messages, 2022, 110 x 187cm

Specious, 2023, 110 x 189cm

Three focal, 2023, 110 x 189cm

Here and the cached, 2022, 110 x 189cm

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