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La órbita

(2019, 14 mins, video animation of drawings. HD)

Installation view, The Portals Project, Part One at Bermondsey Project Space, London, 2022

The movement in La órbita is one of infinitely scrolling through landscapes and planets that, at times, become abstract colour fields with ambiguous dimensions. With accompanying sound score by Will Saunders, we enter a world of ‘hand-made science fiction. Exhibited at Gallery Aspa, Madrid; Appleton Gallery and Fabrica Braco de Prata, Lisbon, Portugal - see CV


View the film here.

A changing line in the light falls

(2017, 15 mins, video animation of drawings. HD)

Emerging from the void, this series of scrolling drawings conjure up de-territorialised spaces of the minds eye. In slow procession, they create a space-time splintered out of the continuum. View the film here.

VisionMix Short Cuts

(2014, 52 mins, documentary, HD)


Includes excerpts from the 12 artists’ projects in installation and the moving image. The artists profiled are from Delhi, Mumbai and Kolkata including internationally acclaimed and emerging artists of the VisionMix network, (curated by Lucia King & Rashmi Sawhney). These artists contributed excerpts from their work and were interviewed about their practices. Featuring: Atul Bhalla, Sheba Chhachhi, Ranbir Kaleka, Priyanka Chhabra, Anupama Srinivasan, Sameera Jain, Gigi Scaria, Asim Waqif, Paramita Das, Moutushi, Avijit Mukul Kishore and Kavita Joshi.

The Installing of Operation Infinity

(2014, 25 mins, documentary film/artwork, SD)

Film direction: Lucia King, from a Perfomance by Simon Vincenzi

“It hosted many multiple entities, internal mental residents and dissociative parties. (…) Compression upon compression, grubby codec and missing render files allowed The Host to become The Many it had previously hosted. It degraded, and from within inside itself .mov files spawned .mov files, parasite organisms. Now plural, it joyously performed its own congregation (…) Deep inside this live lost universe, a network of rooms opened onto other rooms, corridors unto corridors (…)” Simon Vincenzi

Club Extinction

(2015, 12 mins, film artwork, HD)

Vincenzi’s live performance Club Extinction provided the context for King to explore the performers’ bodily operations on film in this trans-media project. Vincenzi’s work pushes the boundaries of audience’s relationship to the act of presentation in which the camera intervenes. Memory, communication, time, the divided self, consciousness, death and disappearance are recurring themes that develop uncanny, evocative and intensely visceral worlds. Research and participation in the context of how the performances are produced is integral to the filmmaking.

The Warkari Cycle

(2011, 48 mins, SD. A three-screen video installation)

A dance-driven video installation in eight inter-linked episodes, documenting a pilgrimage in western India that spans across the Solapur district towards key temples in Pandharpur, Maharashtra. The film immerses the viewer in the event itself, each cycle exploring one facet of the pilgrimage as a living choreography and collectively re-visited memory.

To Part and Return

(2009, 16 mins, HD, essay-film/collaboration with Adishakti, India)

Script/direction: Lucia King

A video installation exploring poetic processes of dance performance as an art form, in response to the choreography of Vinay Kumar and Veenapani Chawla.
Cast: Vinay Kumar. Production: Adishakti (India)

Sea Values

(1995, 17 mins, 35mm film)

Director/script/art direction: Lucia King,

Cinematographer: Miso Orepic Engelman  

A surrealist story about six people who meet in an aquarium and on an island at the sea. The figures - a travestite, a seaman, twins, a hypnotist and a rower - have a double view of reality, their split personalities visualised through a split screen device.

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